When Renting An Apartment

When Renting An Apartment

Moving home takes a lot of energy and effort – but once your boxes are unpacked and the internet is on, it’s time to enjoy your new surroundings. At MetroPM, our ‘move-in’ tips will help you relocate and adapt to your new residence with ease.

1. Ventilation

Please ensure apartment windows and doors are kept ajar when appropriate. This will allow sufficient airflow and ventilation to the apartment, helping to eliminate any dampness or mould from developing.

2. Booking lifts

New tenants must book a time to use apartment complex lifts to transfer ahead of time furniture safely. It’s important to get in touch with your building manager to organise your move in accordance with Owners Corporation rules. If you have not received building manager details from your leasing specialist, please contact us.

3. Slamming doors

Please show consideration for other residents and refrain from slamming doors.

4. Music sound levels

All residents are entitled to enjoy entertainment in their homes. We do ask that you are mindful of volume levels and show consideration in relation to noise throughout your tenancy.

5. Car Stacker

If relevant, tenants are required to undertake a car stacker induction prior to moving into their apartment. Please check with your leasing specialist to confirm an induction date and time.