Late Rent And Consequences

Late Rent And Consequences

At MetroPM, our property management team endorse a structured and efficient rent collection process to avoid disruption to both our landlords’ and tenants’ busy lives.

If you are aware that you will be late with your rental payment, you must notify MetroPM at least 3 working days prior to due payment. We will then inform the landlord of your changed circumstances. If you forget to pay your rent on time or refuse to pay your rent on time, the following rules are applicable:

  • 2-5 Days Late: We’ll send a SMS text reminder to the tenant and the landlord will be notified.
  • 6-9 Days Late: We’ll follow up with a phone call, SMS or email to both the tenant and owner.
  • 10-14 Days Late: We’ll call the tenant and arrange a personal drop-by visit.
  • 15 Days Late: The tenant will receive a notice to vacate with an application made to VCAT for a court hearing date. Eviction will follow if the matter is not remedied.

If a tenant is regularly late with rental payment (without falling 14 days behind), we’ll recommend against a lease renewal to the landlord. The tenant will be required to vacate the property at the end of their lease and will receive a poor performance reference should a new owner or agent request one. Details of the tenancy performance are lodged on a National Tenancies Database (NTD).

Our property managers process rent payments daily and will follow up late payments in accordance with our management agreement.

Metro Property Management have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy for all tenants. Please contact us with any queries regarding our policy.