Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach to Property Management

Property management isn’t solely about the collection of rent, holding open for inspections and creating detailed condition reports. Our unique management services are designed to provide landlords with income stability, leasing certainty and the best possible return on investment for their asset.

While maintaining your property to an excellent standard, our team will closely track repair expenses and rent collection while dealing with the complexities of responsible leasing and protecting landlord and tenant rights. We build positive and long-term relationships with our clients to ensure expectations are met.

Save Valuable Time

Metro Property Management save landlords valuable time by curating intelligent leasing campaigns, sourcing prospective tenants, building relationships with tenants, collecting rent and organising quality tradespeople.

Let MetroPM resolve property management matters in our time, not yours.

Know Your Market

Property investment is a considered strategy. To enjoy the best investment outcome, you need to know your market.

MetroPM it their business to understand Melbourne’s leasing environment. Our property managers will ensure you receive the best possible return on your asset, and that it is leased to tenants who prove an ideal fit. We enjoy established market networks and peerless industry knowledge, supporting our landlords to remain connected to the market as it changes.

Know Your Rights

With legislation relating to residential tenancies in a constant state of change, it’s important for both landlords and tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities.

You can feel confident that your MetroPM property manager will advise you within the bounds of legislation – we’re expert in every aspect of the management and terms negotiation process which includes complex tasks such as VCAT appearances and eviction processes.

Find the Perfect Tenants

A great leasing relationship begins with close attention being paid to the prospective tenants’ rental application. MetroPM carefully consider each application on its merits, certifying rental history and other important lifestyle details. By taking time to cautiously vet a prospective tenant, we minimize the likelihood of landlords enduring cashflow problems, unnecessary re-lettings and property vandalism.

MetroPM make leasing hassle-free for tenants – our dedicated Customer Care team are on-hand to answer any queries, and rental payments can conveniently be made online. Appointing Metro Property Management to care for your property means a stress-free real estate investment experience – for both you, and your tenants.