Getting Your Bond Back

Getting Your Bond Back

Excepting fair wear and tear, your leased property should be returned in the same state as identified in your incoming condition report. You will only receive your full bond back when the property is returned as was leased.
Please note that under new Victorian legislation, professional cleaning may be required at your property and proof via a receipt will need to be provided when returning your keys.

Below find MetroPM’s cleaning checklist and the contact details of certified cleaning professionals to ensure the property is returned at standard.

Please Note: Failing to clean your property to the required standard can result in your landlord hiring professional cleaners. This cost will be deducted from your bond.

MetroPM’s Cleaning Services and Recommendations:

Metro’s Cleaning Checklist

PPlease ensure all carpeted areas are professionally steam cleaned (refer to s43 & s44 of your lease agreement). Cleaning receipts will need to be provided when returning all keys.

  • Clean all hotplates, oven, griller & range hood (including filters)
  • Clean shower, tiles, bath, screens of all mould and soap scum
  • Clean kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • Remove all build-up of food in dishwasher filter and rinse thoroughly, wipe down external unit
  • Dust all venetian blinds and curtains
  • Toilets must be cleaned of all stains and wiped down with disinfectant – don’t forget to take your toilet brush too!
  • Remove all bugs from light fittings, dust and replace any blown light globes
  • Check all walls for marks and holes – make sure to leave approved picture hooks in walls
  • Clean and wipe down all sinks, mirrors, soap dishes and plugs
  • Clean windows, flyscreens, windowsills, vacuum all door and window tracks
  • Clean inside built in robes, remove all personal items including hangers
  • Remove all cleaning and toiletry products from cupboards and laundry, and don’t forget to wipe down shelves
  • Sweep and mop all tiles, lino and wooden floors
  • Wipe down all light switches and door handles
  • Clean exhaust fans in all rooms (you may need a step ladder)
  • Clean return air duct of heating system and vents
  • Remove all rubbish from rear and front gardens including cigarette butts
  • Remove oil from garage floor and remove all pegs from clothesline or fallen pegs from ground
  • Empty letterbox including any junk mail
  • Front and rear yards must return to neat condition – remove all weeds
  • Ensure all bins are emptied

MetroPM’s ‘Last Minute’ Cleaning Hints:

  • Stainless steel appliances can be cleaned with lemon juice which is great for removing fingerprint marks.
  • To restore toilet bowls back to their shiny best, clean with flat Coke or Pepsi.
  • To dissolve lime scale, leave soda overnight to soak.
  • Some marks on walls may be removed with ‘Chux’ eraser wipes or sugar soap

  • Inform These Important Services Of Your Move:


    Financial / Business

    • Employer
    • Banks
    • Credit Union
    • Insurance
    • Lenders
    • Credit Card
    • Building Society
    • Accountant

    • Schools
    • Kindergarten
    • Child Care
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Library
    Health & Other

    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Health Funds
    • Vets
    • Gym Memberships
    • Club Memberships
    • Neighbours
    • Relatives