What Is An Embedded Network

What Is An Embedded Network

Embedded networks allow energy to be purchased at a bulk discount to residents within a building.

Where can an embedded network be established?

An embedded network can be established where electricity infrastructure is privately owned and managed. They are shown to be efficient in shopping centres, high-rise and broad-acre residential developments and commercial, industrial and caravan parks.

Embedded networks are established to physically aggregate the energy consumed within the complex to a single metered point. Sub-meters measure tenant consumption using the latest in smart interval metering technology.

What Are The Benefits To Me As A Tenant?

Electricity rates will generally be the best available in the market, with an embedded network providing cheaper electricity and superior customer service to tenants. As a tenant, your consumer rights are covered by the Energy Retail Code.

How does an Embedded Network operate?

Bulk purchases are made at a Parent Meter with individual usage recorded at each apartment. All users within the embedded network can either choose to purchase from the embedded network or a licensed energy retailer.

Embedded Networks in Australia

Embedded Networks are relatively new to the market with legislative framework only developed in some states of Australia recently. The Embedded Networks concept is a simple process which has developed over many years internationally by utilising existing and modern technologies.

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