Sales Referral Program

Metro Sales Referral Program

Real estate is both a personal and emotional experience. It’s never just a property for someone, it’s an investment. It’s never just a house for someone else, it’s their home!
In the past I have focused much of my time in developing and improving the world of property management. Being an investor myself, I have always wanted to make the experience better for others. I have inspired and educated my team to make the experience for an investor an informative, detailed, memorable and enjoyable one. They must always do what they say they will do and must always strive to provide a high level of service for all customers but remembering to have some fun along the way. When things get tough or hard, never give up or shy away from the challenge.
Yet, along the way I have become frustrated with the low service standards provided in the world of real estate sales. Too many times I have experienced the non return of calls whilst I was looking at purchasing a property or the constant negativity about the sales price range as a seller. And all I ever wanted was someone to work with whom I trusted, provide me with good direction and be focused on my best interests.
So I bring to you, with all my experiences, good and bad, Metro Sales Referral Program.
Metro Sales Referral Program is about continuing our long term relationship and providing an additional exceptional service to our clients utilising experienced local agents who Metro partners with to obtain the best possible outcome in the sale of your property. We believe in long term property investment for all our clients and understand your circumstances or plans can change and so does the way you choose to invest your money and plans for your future.
We have never wanted to become another real estate agency totally focused on sales and nor do we plan to be in the future. But we want to shake up the world out there!! We see lots of areas where improvement can be had.
So come, take my hand and enjoy the world of Property sales without the stress involved in finding an agent.