Our Services

Our Services

As the owner you have choices when renting out a property. You can…

  1. Lease it out yourself – with all the stress and problems this incurs.
  2. Use a real estate agent – who could be more interested in selling properties than rentals.
  3. Use a dedicated property management company – such as Metro Property Management. We love property management and it shows in our work.
    We believe this is the smartest choice.

At Metro we are completely and utterly focused on making life as easy as possible for the property owner. We remove the hassles and issues of renting out a property. We firmly believe that a property should not be regarded as simply a source of rent, but as a valuable and appreciating capital asset.
No matter the location, size, or style of your property or properties; Metro is able to secure the most suitable tenant, then lease and manage your investment whether it’s a house, townhouse, flat, or apartment across metropolitan Melbourne.

A Professional Approach to Property Management

Choosing Metro means you are choosing a team of experienced real estate professionals specialising in managing and leasing properties. Metro was founded by one of Australia’s most respected property management experts – Leah Calnan.

Experience Counts

Metro is one of Melbourne’s leading specialist Property Management companies. We currently manage properties in over 260 suburbs across Melbourne. To manage your investment efficiently we use a combination of systems based on our experience and the best business strategies in Australia.

We have access to the best marketing and property advertising experts. This will ensure your property will be marketed to reach the widest possible audience, quickly attracting a good quality tenant at the best possible rental price. We understant that communication is key and Metro ensures you are always up-to-date with what is happening with your property.

Focused on Your Needs

At Metro we understand what it means to be an investment property owner, in fact many of the team own investment properties themselves. We are a team focused on meeting your needs. Looking after investment properties is our core business. This means we are focused 100% on providing you with an outstanding property management service.

We understand that we’re here for your benefit not ours. We strive to understand all aspects your investment portfolio and what is important to you. You are trusting us with an asset worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s important your rent is paid on time and in full. We want to minimise outlays while maximising your income and keep you fully informed.

How Many Staff are on Hand to Assist with My Property?

As Property Management specialists, the people working in our office are all on hand to assist with Property Management. We have a Specialist Leasing Team, New Business Manager, Client Management Team, An Operations Manager, Property Management Assistants and numerous Property Managers and Senior Property Managers. No task is too big for our team to handle.

In the Event My Property is Vacant What Methods will You Use to Attract New Tenants?

We believe it is important to ensure a suitable marketing campaign for each property. Our experienced leasing team not only work hard on opening your property as frequently as possible, we constantly update our marketing and pictures of your property to ensure everything is up to date and looking its very best for the prospective tenant/s. We may use other techniques such as making your property a ‘feature property’ on our own website as well as on realestate.com.au, we also are able to market your property through our various Social Media accounts. Our leasing team also look to implement a variety of ‘rent specials’, ‘special offers’ or ‘Gift Card Offers’ to attract prospective tenants quickly.

Tailored Packages

We don’t use the industry approach of ‘one size fits all’. Instead Metro Property Management provides owners with specialised and tailored management packages ‘just right’ for them. As a client of Metro Property Management, you will have the benefit of our exclusive product Power Property Management (PPM). PPM is like rental insurance; providing you with comfort and security. PPM offers assistance in rental income during any normal vacancy period, or in the advent of redundancy, incapacity, or death.

Signing Up with Metro

Making the decision to have Metro manage your investment property couldn’t be easier. Simply contact Leah Calnan (Director) on (03) 9831 3000 or Belinda Hocking (Executive Assistant to Director) via email at leah@metropm.com.au or belindah@metropm.com.au and we will prepare all the necessary documentation required for a smooth transfer of management on your behalf.

Areas We Cover

At Metro not only do we like to say “we love property management” but we also proudly state that we “manage properties – here, there & everywhere!®”. We manage properties across metropolitan Melbourne from Melton to Pakenham, Craigieburn to Rye, and everywhere in between. In fact we now manage and lease properties in over 260 suburbs across Melbourne!