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June 22nd at 3:48am

International Women’s Day: Choosing to Challenge the Real Estate Industry

Being a woman in real estate can be a tough gig. Whether you’re in property management, sales or even a first home buyer you’ve probably experienced an uncomfortable situation as a woman.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and here at Metro Property Management we want to champion change and growth in our team and across the industry. We are committed to calling out gender bias and standing for equality.

We’re going to open the conversation by sharing three ways we can choose to challenge the gender bias in our industry and celebrate women for the unique talent they bring to the table!


Silence is the biggest hurdle in creating lasting change. Often as women we feel alone in our struggles and don’t speak up over fear of burdening others. When we start opening up and talking about the difficulties we face we realise we aren’t alone. If you’ve experienced an uncomfortable situation because of your gender, chances are someone else has as well!


Celebrating someone else’s wins (big or small) is a great way of championing women’s achievements. Let someone in your team know you saw that amazing thing they did – send them a quick encouragement email or leave a sticky note on their desk. Recognising each other’s wins is not only good for the other person, it will leave you with a smile on your face too!


One of the most powerful tools in spreading messages of hope and change is social media. This year for the ‘Choose to Challenge’ International Women’s Day theme we encourage you to post a photo on social media with a hand raised in solidarity. Check out some examples here.

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 than filling people’s news feeds with women and men choosing to be better and calling out gender inequality?

We also asked our Metro Property Management team why they are proud to be women working in the real estate industry and we love what they had to say!

“Being able to maintain the work life balance and juggle being a mum and having a career in an industry that I’m passionate about.” – Lauren

“I have very strong role models in the company that motivate me to strive to be the very best I can in the industry.” – Jane

“Women multitask and are patient, and this is very important in the real estate industry.” -Elly

“Working in Real Estate gives me pride as it’s such a quick and fast paced industry that I see women rising up to challenges daily.” -Madison