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May 20th at 6:41am

Taking Care: Tips to looking after yourself during isolation.

At MetroPM we know that many Australians are doing it tough right now, and this includes our community of landlords, tenants and MetroPM team members. It’s important that through this period of lockdown and social isolation or essential work, we’re still keeping physically and mentally well and filling extra time at home in the best way that we can. In today’s MetroPM blog we’re sharing some tips to help you keep on top of your health and wellbeing during current uncertainty. Read on.

Listen To Your Body

Ensure you’re taking time to listen to and care for your body. Your physical health can make a great difference to your mental wellness, too. If you can, ensure you’re moving your body for 30 minutes each day, heading outside and taking a few big breaths of fresh air, getting in your fruit and veggies and – if you’re a late night Netflix fan – press pause at an appropriate hour to ensure a good night’s sleep. If you’re struggling to balance all these should-dos, it may be helpful to plan them out at the start of the week. Make time for meal preparation, exercise, screen time or even choose a day to dress in an outfit that makes you feel good.

Connect With Those You Care About

While communication methods have changed significantly during the present pandemic, technology has allowed us many ways to stay connected with our loved ones online. Whether you’re FaceTiming, Zooming, Skyping or keeping it simple with a phone call – it’s important to set aside time to meaningfully connect with your family, friends, colleagues and social groups. Tell them about your day, including the highlights and challenges. Make sure to ask about theirs. We’re all in this together, so reach out if you need support or offer your support to others if you’re in a place to. Remember that even though we’re staying home, we’re all running on different schedules. Make sure you lock in a time and platform to chat beforehand, so there’s no miscommunication.

Accomplish Something Each Day     

There’s no mood-booster like finally ticking a task of your list or making time to try something you’ve been meaning to. Perhaps finishing a novel or nailing a difficult recipe is on your list, or finally wrestling with the weeds in the front garden. Whatever it may be, make it a goal for the week, schedule the time to accomplish it and enjoy basking in the sense of satisfaction once it’s complete. You can also feel a sense of achievement by completing tasks that you’ve been putting off for a long time – hello, organised sock drawer! They could be long-term goals like making over the spare room, or small things like going to bed with fresh sheets. A sense of achievement will give you momentum to keep accomplishing!

Entertainment and Enjoyment

Our next tip is to ensure you’re participating in activities that make you feel good. Whether it’s watching laugh-out-loud comedies with your family, completing 1000-piece puzzles or going for long walks with the kids – put some time into considering what brings you joy and act on it!

Finding things that you and the family enjoy and planning them out during the week may make your days of social isolation a little easier. Essential workers, we know you’re spending less time at home than the majority and we thank you for your commitment. If you’re struggling during this time, please find some helpful resources here. Get in touch with the team at MetroPM if you have any questions around your tenancy or investment property and stay informed via our website.