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June 22nd at 3:09am

Reminder: Check your Filters during Poor Air Quality Conditions

As a result of Australia’s bushfire crisis, Melbourne’s air quality has been greatly impacted by a period of long-running smoke haze and we’re experiencing an increase in dust pollution. These conditions can be harmful to our health and the systems in our homes. In today’s MetroPM blog, our team offer a timely reminder to service your air-conditioning units and clean your air filters to combat these bushfire contaminants. Read on below!

The smoke from the current bushfire season is affecting large areas of the population, including metropolitan areas that have not been directly impacted by the bushfires themselves. The smoke haze that we’re experiencing in Melbourne is made up of a mixture of fine particles, water vapour and gases. The fine particles are called PM2.5 and are the biggest health concern for residents. Whilst it is safe to use your air conditioner during smokey conditions, these particles can make their way into your air conditioning unit and build up in your filter after days of continuous poor air quality.

The best way to clean your air conditioning filter is a gentle wash with water, ensuring all contaminants are removed. You may also consider upgrading your filter to a pleated disposable type, HEPA or higher filtration option during the bushfire season. Your MetroPM property manager is happy to help if you’ve questions about servicing your air conditioner.

It’s also important to note that if your air conditioner has a ‘fresh air’ function, you should turn this off and ensure that you’ve selected the ‘recirculate’ setting. On these models you can elect whether your air conditioner cools air from the interior or exterior of the home. It’s important that you select the interior, so that the health risks from bushfire smoke are left outside as much a possible.

Similarly, if you have a pool or spa that may have been impacted by the smoke haze, you may find some dust and debris in your filter systems. In the case of a small amount of debris, use a strong clarifier to filter out particles from the pool and again, clean your filters thoroughly before making a splash.

We hope this reminders helps you to breathe easy and enjoy a safe summer in metropolitan Melbourne. If you’re after more insight on caring for your property, get in touch with the friendly Metro Property Management team.