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May 20th at 5:56am

Blog: Why it’s almost impossible to self-manage rentals in Victoria

Self-management is becoming near impossible in Victoria

Victoria now has some of the most complex rental standards in the country with over 130 changes to legislation, new minimum standards and increased tribunal requirements at VCAT. With a currently flooded rental market, don’t become the next leasing horror story! The latest rental landscape is making it increasingly difficult and high-risk to self-manage your rental property. Here are five reasons why hiring a property manager is essential:

1. We know the in’s and out’s of new legislation and minimum standards
In Victoria, we have seen the introduction of 130 changes to legislation over the last 2 years. This makes it almost impossible for self-managed rental providers to get their head around all the new changes. The Metro Property Management team are well versed in all changes and conduct thorough checks on properties to meet these standards.

Legal liability for failure to meet many of these items is significant. We know the rights of both parties and are able to work with each one to come to a resolution should any issues arise. It’s risky to take this legislation lightly – leave it to us!

Disclosure statements are part of our leasing agreements and they ensure whoever signs the lease is fully informed about the rental property before they move in. This is a vital step to ensure there is written documentation should any disputes arise.

2. We are experts in conflict management
As a self-managed rental provider, the time and effort it takes to deal with conflict matters can be extensive. Property managers are experienced in managing disputes with extensive knowledge on conflict, owner’s rights and renter’s rights. We are the ideal third-party to deal with disputes impartially and within legal guidelines.

It is also very common for interstate parties to be involved in rental agreements. Metro Property Management are well-trained in interstate-party legislation when it comes to leasing. We’ve seen many different scenarios and have procedures and support in place to work through any conflict.

3. Lean on our wealth of knowledge
The wealth of knowledge required to be a property manager in 2023 is greater than the education provided in a Certificate IV with many changes to leasing taking effect over the last 2 years. Our team is constantly being offered new training, up-skilling and professional development to ensure we provide the highest quality service. Don’t carry the burden of research and knowledge – tap into our experience!

4. Leave the legal disputes to us
Tribunal expectations of property managers have increased exponentially with paperwork, evidence and procedure needing to be 100% accurate or matters will be thrown out. Those who self-manage are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate, should they have to appear in court for a rental dispute. Don’t get yourself into a legal pickle! Our property managers have detailed processes and procedures in place to make sure any court appearances go as smoothly as possible.

5. Sleep well knowing the experts have it under control
Hiring a property manager is an investment in your time, peace of mind and risk-management of your property. Should any urgent repairs or issues arise, we are the first point of call – you won’t have to attend to any matters yourself! With a team of leasing experts, connections in the industry and procedures in place, we ensure the leasing of your property is successful, smooth and a great investment.