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July 18th at 3:29pm

Why The Easter Break Almost Ended in Disaster for Property Owners… and How it Was Avoided – Chat with Leah Calnan, President of REIV

Yes, we’ve got TWO back-to-back episodes this week! ‘Cos let’s face it… there’s been A LOT that has disturbed the property industry over the week!

Case in point: Easter.

Oh, Easter. The break that had a lot of us biting our nails, not biting into chocolate eggs… and a lot of folks didn’t even KNOW it almost ended in disaster for property owners!

Thankfully, common sense prevailed – and today’s guest had a great deal to do with bringing that levelheadedness back to the table.

Joining us today is none other than Leah Calnan, President of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), the peak body of real estate down here in VIC.

And she has a wealth of experience to bring to the discussion – not only has she got over 24 years’ experience in property management… and is the Director of Metro Property Management & Metro Property Sales… but also, she’s recently taken over as President of REIV (back in October last year) after being on their Board of Directors since 2014.

So, when some crazy policy was announced regarding Victoria’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Package… well, let’s just say Leah spent her Easter break fighting hard for all of us….

What we cover in this episode…

  • What went down during the Easter Break (abbuur!)
  • What was outlined in the Rent Relief Package that almost ended in disaster for property owners?
  • How did Leah and REIV get the Victorian Government to change their policy?
  • How well is Victoria placed in the property market? (pre- and post- COVID-19)
  • The challenges with tenants and landlords during COVID-19
  • What are the processing applications for property managers like now?
  • Has the Job Seeker and Job Keeper payments helped keep to bring stability back to the market?
  • How much does the Victorian real estate industry contribute to the total income of the State?
  • Rent relief, reductions, evictions and deferred payments: What landlords need to know
  • What are tenants currently asking their property manager for?
  • What do tenants need to provide to show evidence of COVID-19 hardship?
  • Who is MOST vulnerable in all this?
  • The land tax levels that are being paid

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