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June 22nd at 4:22am

MetroPM’s Guide To The Winter School Holidays

The winter school holidays are almost upon us and that means one thing: kids complaining that they’re bored! If you’re looking to stop the complaints but find heading out challenging due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we’re here to help! In today’s blog, the MetroPM team are bringing you some of our best, local winter school holiday suggestions.

School Holiday Programs

Is there anything that sounds better than a pre-organised, pre-planned school holiday program that the kids will love? With capacity restrictions and safeguards in place, the City Of Melbourne has collated a list of venues and attractions that remain open for the school holidays and planned family days out. You can find them here. Remember to take extra care when travelling and venturing out and about.

Afternoons At Home

Sometimes spending a wintry afternoon in your MetroPM property is a treat in itself. Cracking open the boardgame cupboard is a guaranteed winner, but there comes a time when the kids start to feel as if they’ve played everything. This means it’s time to get creative! Here are some fun, at-home suggestions from the MetroPM team:

  • Build a tent, fort or DIY cubby
  • Conduct a scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood
  • Create a luxurious day spa at home
  • Hold a mini-olympics in the backyard
  • Write a long letter to a friend, family member or penpal.

And when you have exhausted everyone’s creativity and are looking to cosy up with a movie marathon – here’s Time Out’s best movie picks for your whole family from Netflix.                                                    

Undercover Garden

Winter holidays at home also present the perfect opportunity for little green thumbs to try their hand at gardening. Melbourne still enjoys lots of sunlight over the cooler months, but we encourage you to locate a space at home that’s sheltered from the wind and frost. Your local Bunnings or garden centre will also have a range of pots, mini greenhouses or planter box options in which you can create an undercover garden. Help your children to select plants that are winter hardy and get growing!

Out and About

Winter activities aren’t just about the kids! There’s plenty for adults to enjoy, too. Local restaurants are launching their winter menus and pubs are readying their open fires. Enjoy this list of places to get out and about (bookings essential) or add some to your list for a post-school holiday reward.

The MetroPM  team love sharing our tips and tricks for local living with you. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with our helpful team.